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Candidate For Chiropractic Treatment | March 17, 2010

Have you had enough of the chiropractic treatments that do not help your pain? Have you had spinal injections, massages, narcotic medications, acupuncture, even physical therapy and they just do not seem to stop the pain? Are you looking at the possibility of having dangerous back surgery that could may cause death, more pain, or possibly not do anything to help you? Then it is time for a new non surgical, effective and fast pain relief treatment to exist… well that breakthrough treatment for debilitating back pain have arrived.

Our deep tissue laser therapy is removing the pain from our patients’ backs so well that some of them have moved from other areas of the country to receive this revolutionary pain treatment for a few weeks.

Whether you are suffering from bulging, protruding or herniated discs, bolts, pins and screws that have been put in your spine, laminectomy or back surgery fusion, you may have lucked out. Our deep tissue laser treatments could put an end to your pain even though you have damage to your discs and lower spine.

Arthritis Pain

For most of us it is our goal to have non drug pain relief. We can put forward a non-surgical option to you that has the ability to drastically reduce or eliminate your pain. All you should need is five to ten brief treatments from this powerful laser to change your life forever.

How our deep tissue laser works is by stimulating the damaged cells, flooding the tissue with photons, as well increasing the circulation to the area that is painful. This will produce a surge of healing responses in your body. The laser will also reduce inflammation as well as reducing or even remove your pain quickly. These treatments only take a few minutes each time and the therapeutic result will continue to soothe as well as heal you after you have left our office.

There will be no pain while you are receiving treatment. There is only a deep warmth as your body’s cells react to the laser. It will be a safe, non-invasive treatment with results that will be long lasting.

Knee & Foot Pain-
Do you have worn out knees, cannot walk or kneel or even get up from being on the floor? Have you damaged the meniscus or ligaments or have arthritis inflammation in your knees and you are not able to do the things that you used to be able to do? Have you tried medications, cortisone shots and physical therapy and none of them are working? Does it seem unavoidable to live with pain for the rest of your life or worse have knee surgery that could cause death, more pain, paralysis or not even help you at all? Well a new breakthrough, non surgical, fast and effective pain relief treatment has finally arrived to seriously alter your knee pain for the better.

The deep tissue therapy will eliminate your knee pain so well that some of our patients will drive for hours just to receive this life altering new pain treatment.

Whether you are suffering from worn out cartilage, bone on bone, knee pain, degenerative arthritis, residual pain from an injury or knee operation or even torn or damaged ligaments you may be in luck. These deep tissue laser treatments may very well end your pain even when it seems like the pain will never leave you.

Knee & Foot Pain

Our goal is to have non drug pain relief. We can now offer you this non-surgical option that really does have the power to remove or significantly lower your pain. In ten to twenty short treatments with this powerful laser your life will be changed forever and you will be walking and moving again.

The deep tissue laser floods the tissues that are in your knees and cartilage with photons; it will also increase the circulation to the area in pain as well as energize the damaged cells. This procedure will produce a flood of healing responses in your body that will reduce inflammation and lower or even eliminate your pain fast. These treatments will only take a few minutes each time and the therapeutic effect will continue to heal and soothe you long after you have left the office.

This is not a painful treatment. It is simply a gentle, deep warmth that you will feel as your body’s cells react to the light. It is a safe, non-invasive treatment that has no known side effects and will have long lasting results.

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