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Services for Morris Plains Laser Pain Relief | January 15, 2010

We have all the laser classes of cold lasers (Class IIIA, IIIB, IV). Each of these lasers has different applications and different wavelengths. We can choose the best laser to match the presenting problems. The laser has been used for over 30 years clinically. Much more in Europe the in the US. There are over 2,000 scientific papers published about the lasers. There have been no documented side effects. The laser helps in two main areas of application.

1. Healing takes place some report a 75-80% speed in healing damaged tissues.

2. Pain modulation and decrease.

This has been the biggest application for our offices. The pain reduction by patients is about instant and has long lasting benefits. Laser is able to do this by increasing the cellular energy called ATP and also increases the circulation to the tissues.

VAX-D Neurological-Spinal Decompression-

First introduced and the first table produced for decompression in 1989. This table is the benchmark that all others try to be like. They have the original research that all the other companies quote in their monthly material. The father of decompression treatment Dr. Dyer is on hand as our consultant. He is by far the most quoted and knowledgeable in the field. When we thought about decompression we knew Vax-D was the best piece of equipment. It has ability to open up the spine and allow it to decompress. This decompression will help with chronic pain, back pain, neck pain, balance/walking and other aberrant afferent input problems created by a “worn-out” spine disc and surrounding tissues.

Torque Release Technique-

Functional neurology at its best. This technique is the cream of the crop neurological instrument based chiropractic treatment method. TRT advanced proficiency has been give to only 16 of approximately 3500 doctors in New Jersey. Dr. Farley was one of the pioneers in the state to master this method. He is believed by many of his peers to be the best in the state. With gentle application along various parts of the body TRT can send new/updated afferent input signals to the brain to break old chronic pain patterns and restore the nervous system to a higher level of function or central integrated state. When the nervous system tone get healthy, the body simply follows along and many chronic problems are resolved.


Dr. Farley has his masters in Human Nutrition. Nutrition intolerance will not let you heal, can create chronic pain and can result in premature aging and early death. We are experts in deciphering all the complexities of the nutrition field to give you an easy uncomplicated understanding of how and what to do.

Myofibrosis Treatment –

We use various techniques to relieve old adhesion scarring in muscles, soft tissues and corrective tissues to allow your body to have improved motion and proper input into the brain.
Auriculoneurology and Auriculotherapy-

Developed in the 1950’s Dr. Farley is one of 7 doctors in the state of New Jersey to be certified. This treatment uses nerves in the ear as a route to changing brain functions, decreasing pain, balancing moods and a wide variety of other uses. This is not acupuncture, which is based on meridians; this is another form of functional neurology treatments.

Diagnostic Testing-

CAPS – Comprehensive Assessment of Postural Systems. This is a functional neurology diagnostic tool to measure balance and risk of fall injury.

NCV- Nerve Conduction Velocity. Measures nerves from neck into hands and back into feet to see if healthy or not.

Foot Scanner – this test measures if your feet are supporting you body structure or not. Your feet are the second most important input into your brain for proper neurological function.

SEMG- Surface Electromyographic Testing. Measures nerve function to muscles.

Thermal scan – Measures nerve fucntion to blood vessel function. Evaluates the sympathetic nervous system.

HRV – Heart Rate Variability. Evaluates the entire autonomic nervous system. Accurately measures the ability to heal and respond to treatment.

Dual Hand Inclinometer – Measures range of motion.

Algometer- Measures pain thresholds


Our office focuses on functional neurology and improving neurological tone by non-drug, non surgical methods. Functional neurology may be the key to unlocking and finding answers to your health problem. Our exam will probably be the most through you have ever had.

“I have never been to a doctor that listened, took time, and performed such accurate and useful tests that demonstrated why I was having my problem”. – Kathleen Manning

When you’re in pain, getting the right treatment is what’s most important. That’s why we offer various and multiple pain relieving therapies. This way you get the best treatment for your specific condition. Whether it’s a simple strain or a chronic disc problem, we’ll locate the cause of your problem and prescribe the best course of treatment. Some of the services offered include but are not limited to:

For the treatment of low back pain, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, herniated / bulging disc. and low back related disorders.

Here are some of the conditions we treat:

Back & Neck Pain

Sciatica & leg Pain

Herniated Disc & Degenerative Disc

Sports, Auto & Work Injuries

Arthritic Pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Migraine Headaches

Numbness & Tingling

Tendonitis & Bursitis


Balance & Walking Disorders

Contact Us-
MFC Center For Health
39 E Hanover Ave
Morris Plains, New Jersey 07950

Phone: (973) 539-3311
Fax: (973) 540-0069
website: http://www.morrisplainschronicpain.com/


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